Are you ready to let go of old fears and build your business with confidence and ease?

Then this is the guide for you.

Full of expert advice, proven techniques and awareness inducing activities, this guide will teach you how to be find out what your fears are and how you can start to release them so they STOP holding you back from thriving and growing a profitable business.

It includes:

  • Detailed information about how and why you're feeling the way you are
  • Proven activities to help you to become more self-aware of the stories you're telling yourself
  • Mindfulness practices which will help you to release old fears and rise with confidence

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Meet Kate.

Kate is a Mindset Coach and Startup Mentor who supports entrepreneurs and coaches to release old self-limiting beliefs and anxieties which are holding them back so that they can thrive and grow a profitable business.

She is qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as having diplomas in Life Coaching.

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