The Release and Rise Membership

Monthly Subscription

Imagine if:

  • You felt confident in your own abilities
  • You felt excited about taking the next step in your business
  • You understood what was holding you back and how to change it
  • You had tried and tested tools at your disposal you could use any time
  • You had the support of a coach who could support you in taking the next step

This is for you if:

  • you feel stuck in your business and you've tried all of the 'strategies'
  • you've followed what others have said and it hasn't worked
  • you have a deep burning desire to take the next big step in your business but you're not sure how
  • you are easily overwhelmed
  • you crave slowing down and simplifying your to-do list
  • you want to find joy in your business

It includes:

  • 2 monthly zoom calls
  • 1 call to focus on a new tool to help you find your calm and clarity in your business
  • 1 call to focus on accountability for your goals
  • private Facebook group to ask for support between calls
  • supportive community to get feedback / ideas and support on anything you're creating
  • saved bank of resources that you can dip into as and when needed


Early bird price of £30 ($41) per month.

Once you have subscribed, you will receive an email to sign up to the Facebook group and the membership site where you can access all of the resources.

What others say

Elizabeth Stein

Not only did I feel listened to, I felt understood by Kate. She heard what I was saying about anxiety and fears, and was able to translate that into a deeper understanding of where those feelings are rooted. I felt so calm and centred after the call - it felt like a really good therapy session for my business and business mindset!

Ana C Jones

I chose to work with Kate because there is some thing about her sweet and nurturing personality that drew me in. She truly is a kind and loving person. For the first session, I was able to find a way to deal with a recurring thought that I was having and causing me anxiety. She gave me ideas and tools so that I was able to manage this. 

I would definitely recommend Kate to someone who is looking to work with a compassionate and kind individual. She offers a modality that feels safe and warm and it works!


Having come across Kate on Instagram and seeing her posts, which really connected with me, I felt pulled to approach her for a session. Conversation with Kate was easy. I was free to discuss my questions and ideas without feeling silly, Kate was very reassuring. I have come away with an action plan and understand where my self-doubt gets in the way at times. I feel more confidant in myself and my ability to continue my business plans. I am fired up again and endeavour to keep that fire burning. Thank you, Kate!